What is "Overthinking Code"?

Overthinking Code, is part technical blog, part journaling device. It's a place to keep track of the tools, techniques, and other items that I find useful or interesting, and may be of use in the future. In short, a place to collect all the odd bits and pieces of experimentation I do and to reflect on that experience.

As for the title itself and why the blog is called "Overthinking Code", it is part personal habit, part call to action. I believe by asking "what if?", by implementing the sometimes silly or overkill solutions, that along the way we learn something of value, regardless if the ultimate product matters or not. Or more concisely, the journey to the solution is just as important, if not more so, than the ultimate destination.

Who is Xinke Chen

I am Xinke Chen, webmaster and author of the blog you're currently on right now. I have a B.S. Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh with a Minor in Economics. As you might expect, I care quite about technology and experimenting with it. In my journey in becoming a better software engineer, I have played with and tried to learn quite a few different frameworks, languages and ecosystems. From iOS with Objective-C and Swift, to PostgreSQL and Vue with JavaScript, my curiosity with technology and software is quite diverse.

picture of the author, Xinke Chen

Beyond just computers, I also love photography, specifically, astro and night landscapes. Again, along with the theme of experimenting (and as a constraint of my location), I like these type of subjects specifically to see how far I push the camera technically, to see what even the eye can't see. There's something special in capturing something that otherwise would not exist were it not for the presence and ability of the camera.

Startrails over the Cathedral of Learning (Pittsburgh Oct. 2017)